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International Manufacturer’s Representative Services


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Tunnel & Mine Construction Applications


Below you will find a list of the various products and services that we provide to the North American tunneling market. This list can also be downloaded here. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the address listed below.


1.      Precast Concrete Segmental Tunnel Lining Manufacturing Components


         1.1        Optimas, Sofrasar Tunnel Products, Sarreguemines, France



                     1.1.1     Steel Bolts With Plastic Sockets - Up To 38 mm ุ

                     1.1.2     Steel Bolts With Steel Sockets - Up To 38 mm ุ

                     1.1.3     Grout/Lifting Insert Assemblies Inclusive Of:

                         Non-Return Valves Up To 10 Bar Resistance

                         Sealing Screw Caps Up To 40 Bar Resistance

                     1.1.4     Plastic Dowels For Circumferential Joint Connections

                         Sof-Fix FD – 40kN Pull-Out & 60kN Shear for small dia. tunnels            

                         Sof-Fix Anix – Up To 250kN Pull-Out & 250kN Shear

                         Bicones – Up to 500kN Shear

                     1.1.5     Radial Joint Connection Systems

                         Guide Rods – Up To 60mm ุ


         1.2        CTS Cordes Tubes & Seals GmbH & Co. KG, Boizenbug, Germany



                     1.2.1     Standard EPDM Gaskets – Up To 44mm

                     1.2.2     Anchored EPDM Gaskets – Up To 44mm (No Adhesive Required)

                     1.2.3     Special Gasket Materials For Hydrocarbons

                     1.2.4     Hydrophilic Gasket Profiles

                     1.2.5     TBM Tunnel Starter Seals


         1.3        Vertex, Inc., Mogadore, Ohio



                     1.3.1     Standard EPDM Gaskets

                     1.3.2     Special Gasket Materials For Hydrocarbons

                     1.3.3     Custom Gaskets for Specialty Applications

                     1.3.4     Compliant to all Made In America Requirements


         1.4        Herrenknecht Formwork Technology Steel Segment Moulds

                     Schwanau, Germany         



                     1.4.1     Precision Steel Moulds For Casting Precast Segments

                     1.4.2     Carousel Plant Casting Systems Inclusive Of:

                         Plant Layout And Design

                         Concrete Handling And Vibrating Equipment

                         Segment Curing Systems

                         Segment De-moulding And Rollover Equipment

                         Gasket Application Equipment



2.      Tunnel Reinforcement Products


         2.1        Steel Rebar Reinforcement


2.1.1     Standard Fabricated Rebar Gr. 60 – 75 A625
2.1.2     Prefabricated Rebar Panels Gr. 60 - 75 A706
2.1.3     Special Rebar Reinforcement Stainless Steel Bar FRP Bar – For Tunnel Breakout Areas Epoxy Coated Bar


         2.2        Welded Wire Fabric Reinforcement


2.2.1     Standard Welded Wire Fabric 4"x 4", 6"x6" W2.1 – W4.0
2.2.2     Specialty Welded Wire Fabric Up to D36.0, Wire Spacing as Required
2.2.3     Supplied in Engineered Sheet Size to Minimize Waste Supplied Flat Supplied Prebent To Specified Radius


                     2.2.4     FRP Welded Wire Fabric


         2.3        Fiber Reinforcement – Steel and Polypropylene

                     Kosteel Bundrex



                     2.3.1     Precast Segmental Lining Reinforcement

                         Glued Fiber

                         Loose Fiber

                     2.3.2     Tunnel Final Lining Applications

                     2.3.3     Shotcrete Reinforcement



3.      Backfill Grout – Specialty Materials and Admixtures


         3.1        Anti-Washout Grout Admixture


         3.2        Accelerators and Admixtures – Compatible with Anti-Washout


         3.3        Polymeric Spheres – Lightweight Admixture

                     3.3.1     Cellular Concrete Substitute

                     3.3.2     Allows Contractor to Self-Perform with Existing Equipment


         3.4        Special Backfill Grout Systems Using Anti-Washout and Polymeric Spheres



4.      Rock Bolting and Anchoring Systems


         FiReP Rebar AG, Rapperswil, Switzerland



         4.1        FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) Rock Bolts

4.1.1     Solid FRP Bolts – Available in 18 – 50 mm ุ

4.1.2     Self-Drilling Grouted FRP Bolts


                        4.2        FRP Special Application Bolts and Accessories

4.2.1     FRP Cablex Multi-Strand Cable Bolt   20m+

4.2.2     FRP Tielock Form Tie Bar

4.2.3     FRP Powermesh Reinforcing Fabric


                        4.3        FRP Soft-Eyes for Shaft Construction

4.3.1     Polyester or Vinylester Resin Reinforcement - Straight

4.3.2     Polyester or Vinylester Resin Reinforcement - Prebent



5.      Steel Forming Systems For Tunnels and Shafts


         Euroform S.r.l., Gessate (MI) - Italy



         5.1        Steel Forms For Placement Of Tunnel/Shaft Final Linings

5.1.1     Running Tunnel Lining Forming Systems
5.1.2     Station And Tunnel Enlargement Forming Systems
5.1.3     Shaft Lining Forming Systems
5.1.4     Open Cut Tunnel Lining Forming Systems
5.1.5     Custom Designed Forming Systems Designed To Meet Specific Project Requirements

                     5.1.6     On-site Engineering Services/Consultation Available



6.      Specialty Designer/Consultant for Tunnel Construction Systems


         Rowa Tunneling Logistics AG, Wangen, Switzerland



         6.1        TBM Back-up Systems


         6.2        Special Plants for Rock Support and Installation

6.2.1     Grout Injection Plants
6.2.2     Shotcrete Application Systems
6.2.3     Work Platforms in Tunnels & Shafts
6.2.4     Special Lifting Platforms
6.2.5     Ring Beam Erectors


         6.3        Logistics Systems for Supply and Muck Disposal

6.3.1     Transportation Systems
6.3.2     Rotary Dumps
6.3.3     Special Locomotives for Inclines or Declines
6.3.4     Special Cars for Muck, Grout, or Segments
6.3.5     Wireless or Cable Train Track Surveillance Systems



7.      Tunnel Support Systems – Steel


         7.1        Cold Rolled Structural Rings & Arch Supports


         7.2        Liner Plates For Tunnel & Shaft Construction


         7.3        Special Fabricated Steel Structures & Liners


         7.4        Lattice Girders For NATM Tunnel Construction


         7.5        Steel Lagging & Decking


         7.6        Corrugated Structural Plate Portal Canopies



8.      Specialty Services


         8.1        Klug Construction Systems, LLC

                     D.R. Klug & Associates, Inc. is the exclusive marketing agent for Klug Construction Systems, LLC, a distributor of engineered reinforcement, geotechnical and support products used in underground heavy civil and mine construction projects.
Tel: 724-942-2450
Fax: 724-942-4671



9.      Contact Information


Jonathan D. Klug, Vice President
David R. Klug & Associates, Inc.
6000 Waterdam Plaza Drive
Suite 120
McMurray, PA 15317
Tel: 724-942-4670
Fax: 724-942-4671
Cell: 304-281-4239


David R. Klug, President
David R. Klug & Associates, Inc.
6000 Waterdam Plaza Drive
Suite 120
McMurray, PA 15317
Tel: 724-942-4670
Fax: 724-942-4671
Cell: 412-670-0263